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My queue runs all day, every day. I usually don't get back from school until after four, so unless it's a text post, it's been queued. I don't have a queue tag, but I'm always available to talk, even if I'm away.

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zur zeit


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    when i kissed the teacher


    []in []out [◆]semi-hiatus

    was ist los


    I no longer liveblog as vehemently as I used to, but if I do, I'll always make sure to tag. This applies to shows outside of [whatever I am watching enthusiastically as of late] as well as any and all movies.

    Spoilers will be tagged respectively and as:

    • spoilers

    and will continue to be tagged as such for the week of the episode or movie.


    und sachen

    goodnight, clever boy. you'll be remembered.
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